I started a dating profile when I was 22. I was a shy person and didn’t know how to communicate with the real world as I could online. I tried going into bars and clubs but none of the women got my attention and were mainly looking for one thing. And so I turned to the internet for help.
One day when searching online, I felt a tingle across my knuckles. It was quite a sensational feeling and I tried replicating it through repetition. It happened again so I continued doing it. I continued to type the keys that made my feel good about myself so much that I had focused too much on my hands and soon realised I was no longer in my room. My laptop had gone and my room had turned blue. The room shaped itself into a ball, a blue ball and I could see information around me. It was as if I had tapped into the Internet itself.
I was able to swim and soar through the air, floating towards new information until I was able to seen what looked like a city, a city of windows. In a lot of the windows I could see faces, or users and I could see information pixels flying across to each of the windows. I flew towards a collection of windows. One of them had quite a large man eating crisps while mashing keyboard buttons. Under his window I could see his programs running, playing some sort of role playing game online. Next to him was a young girl, typing away. She was streaming music whilst typing a literature essay I couldn’t be bothered to read. The next screen was empty but still online, downloading some porn and the other two windows were blacked out. Not online, I couldn’t see through them. I went up to the empty window to touch it. My hand waved straight through. I pulled it back and tried poking my head through. I peeked and it was as if my head was coming out of their screen. They acted like a portal to another world. I pulled myself back into the online world and looked around me. Above I could see a giant banner that had Oxford Road on it. It was like an altered dimension of the world that I could travel through. I followed the road home though much quicker than walking or driving. I guess information is much smaller in the online world that everything is much quicker and faster to access. I saw my window and climbed through it. I was happy. This was the perfect power for me.
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